How does TEXPERT work?

We could explain with boring images and sentences, but we're going to show you instead.

Awesome, so now let's explain in sentence form.

1. Select what ails your device

You begin by choosing from a list of main topics like Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOS. We even have a "Something else..." option if you don't know what you need.

2. Get a little more detailed

After selecting the main topic, you will choose a sub-topic like virus, printer issue or WiFi connection issue. If you're not sure, we have you covered there as well.

3. Get connected

If you already have an account with us, you'll move right along into the live waiting room, where a TEXPERT will connect with you. If you don't, no big deal, we'll help you create an account so you can get moving.

4. Bada-Bing Bada-Boom

The live waiting room is our super chill lounge. Hang onto your seat and be ready to accept the invitation for help from one of our TEXPERTs. You will have 60 seconds to accept the session, then your secure chat will begin and you will be minutes away from a solution.

Cartoon depiction of a woman sitting at a desk working on her laptop with another monitor to the side of the laptop.

Ready to get started?

TEXPERT was created to provide IT support the way it should be. No balony, no fancy words, no marketing mumbo jumbo, no trying to upsell you on services you don't need, no fuss and no blah blah.


... and if you're not ready yet, let us answer some questions.

Yes and no. We get it, it's annoying when a tech expert tells you to "just restart" your device. Majority of the time it helps tremendously, but not always. It all depends on the issue and situation.

Yes. Really, 100% yes. Our experts have been all over the tech world, with some from fortune 50 companies.

Great question! We take security and online safety just as seriously as your bank. Our website is secure and encrypted, your chats are private and our virtual remote session software is powered by a trusted third-party that uses military grade security to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Also, the billing is handled by one of the largest billing software providers in the world, Stripe.

Yes and no. The no part is because we cannot see your personal info when we are chatting during a session, we only know and see what you tell us. The yes part is because if, and only if, you authorize the start of a virtual remote session, then a TEXPERT will have full visibility to your computer and/or device, for the sole purpose to help solve your tech issue. Once we disconnect from a virtual remote session, we will no longer have any access and cannot see any of your data.

We support almost all computers (desktop and laptop) that run off Windows and MacOS, tablets (Android, Windows, iOS), printers, WiFi connected peripherals, USB connected, etc.. We pretty much support almost anything that's connected to the internet or connected to a device that's connected to the internet. We also support some more advanced devices, such as, Windows Server, Linux (Ubuntu and Centos), Cisco/Mellanox/Aruba/Netgear switches and more, but these are typically for our TEXPERT Business customers.

Yes! Part of the reason why TEXPERT exists, is to help make your tech life easy. We tried to make the process of getting you tech support as easy as possible. If you have some feedback on how to make it better for you, or need additional help to walk you through it, send us a note by clicking here!

Yes, but only for our TEXPERT Business customers who are currently based in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. If you a business looking for a better way to provide IT support to your users or supplement your current over-whelmed IT staff, click here to learn more here!

We will do all we can to fix your issue the first time. Should the issue come back, create a new session and we will work on it again!

If after the session ends you feel like we didn't solve the problem, or a TEXPERT was unable to provide you with some sort of recommendation, there is an option to report an issue. Our support team will look through the notes and get back to you with an appropriate solution.

Yes! Let's say your computer can't connect to your WiFi network. You can start by connecting with us using your phone or tablet, then we can move to your computer after we get it working.

For our TEXPERT Business customers in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, yes. For our amazing online customers in which we provide remote support, we cannot accomodate that at this time. If, for example, your hard-drive is faulty and you need a new one, we can help you order a new one, however we do not provide the service to physically replace it for you. Feel free to contact us before hand if you need some clarification.

As many as you have. That's right, unlimited devices. Your computer? check. Your phone? check. Your printer? check. Your 15 year old laptop? check. As so on and so on.

Absolutely! You can give your account credentials to anyone you like. Just know that all completed support sessions will get charged to the credit card on file. It's perfect for families and generous friends.

There is a one minute minimum after a session is started, so if your session lasts only 30 seconds, you will still get charged for that minute. No other minimums or hidden charges.

You can read a little bit more on the pricing page, but basically it's super simple. Once you accept the session, there is a timer that starts counting up. However many minutes and seconds you used, take that number and multiply it by the price. That's it. So for example, say your session took 5 minutes, you will get billed $4.95! You will only start to get charged once you accept a session and will stop getting charged when that session ends.

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