Apple Support

Do you have an issue with your Apple Mac computer - desktop or laptop? What about your iPhone or iPad?

Did your AppleCare warranty expire and don't want to pay the additional fee for support? Even if you are paying for AppleCare, the GeniusBar won't be able to support all of your device issues.

If you need tech support right now and are frustrated with the tech support you have been receiving, we can help! From fixing your computer to optimizing your Wi-Fi network, if it involves an issue with your Apple device, we can most likely fix it for you. Give us a try - just some awesome, legit, experienced IT experts. We are affordable and we know our $#IT!.

Ready to get started?

TEXPERT was created to provide IT support the way it should be. No balony, no fancy words, no marketing mumbo jumbo, no trying to upsell you on services you don't need, no fuss and no blah blah.



TEXPERT is available to support your IT & cyber security issues, no matter where you work or live, on ALL your computers and devices.


TEXPERT is legit. So legit that even AI could learn a few things from us. Experienced in Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Android. Basically, we know our $#IT!


TEXPERT is honest and transparent. We charge flat rates without any surprise fees. Pay by the minute and get on with your life.

Need Apple support for your business?

Are the majority of your computers Apple Macs? Looking for professional business IT services without sacrificing amazingness? Whether you need an extension of your current IT department, or someone you can count on to keep your computers running, we're here to help you advance your IT and cyber security. We can be your MSP or your CTO and support businesses of all sizes, small to large. Flat-rate and transparent.