The TEXPERT Advantage

To be frank, we got frustrated and grew tired of fancy IT companies with bloated staff and smooth talking sales people. If we were that fed up, then we could only imagine the unnecessary frustration you feel. So, we started our own company and strive to provide service how we would want it. Experienced, fantastic, no contracts, no surprise added fees and no fuss. Welcome to TEXPERT.


Are you located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and need on-site support? We can supplement your current IT department, be an extension of it, or flat out be your IT department. Get in touch with us, let's chat.


If your company isn't local to the LA area, no problem! We are still able to provide you with our incredible enterprise services, remotely and virtually, anywhere in the world. We work with a lot of different timezones.

Enterprise grade service list.

Here are just some of the list of services that we can support and provide to your business.

Here are some more:

  • Cyber security awareness
  • Antimalware solutions
  • Ransomware protection
  • Ransomware remediation
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Server optimzation and config
  • Business application support
  • Data center planning
  • Data storage and backups
  • Physical to virtual
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • IT auditing
  • Cloud support (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Video conferencing
  • Network switch diagnosis
  • VoIP solutions
  • Infrastructure managment
  • Website maintenance
  • Application support
  • File sharing solutions
  • Printer support
  • Hardware procurement
  • Software procurement
  • ERP systems
  • Cisco Nexus switches
  • Dell Isilon and ECS
  • Fortigate and Sonicwall
  • Device imaging
  • Local and hybrid domains
  • Firewall and content filtering
  • Linux Ubuntu support
  • Microsoft Windows issues
  • Apple MacOS issues
  • Remote office (WFH)
  • WiFi planning
  • Network optimization
  • And the list goes on...
Professional and amazing.

MSP, MSSP, digital transformation, management, advice and more.

Cloud Hosting

Did you know that there are cloud providers other than AWS, Azure and GCP? We work with trusted cloud hosting providers to transform your your entire network cloud. Remove the burden of hardware costs and keeping a stock-pile of spare parts. There's a huge cost benefit of going to the cloud. Whether it's your entire infrastructure or just an ERP system, get in touch with us.

Managed IT Services

We are different, so you deserve a different type of managed IT Services. Our team of legit IT experts can provide your organization proactive remote monitoring and management to keep your IT infrastructure constantly operational. Should something occur, our team of experts will, most of the time, resolve it so fast that you won't even know there was a problem. Now that's awesome.

Outsourced Help Desk

Help desk services for your staff is a full-time task on it's own. You're a busy, we know it, we used to be in your shoes too! Let our team of experts help you remove the burden and time-consuming management of your Windows and Mac desktop computers. Supplement your IT team with our services and free up your time to focus on the IT tasks you really want to do.

Managed Server Support

Oh yes oh yes. When was the last time you took a vacation? You deserve a break too, so don't stress too much when a server issue occurs. Our team has your back and will monitor your servers for you. We can provide managment, maintenance, upgrades and so much more.

Project Support

Sometimes you need another IT mind to bounce ideas off of, and sometimes you have a project you want to implement, but don't exactly know how to start or achieve the results you want. We can help!

Cartoon depiction of a woman sitting at a desk working on her laptop with another monitor to the side of the laptop.

We're not complacent

At TEXPERT, we are not complacent like the others and do not use boiler plate templates from 15 years ago. We will never apply a one-size-fits-all approach to your business, never ever. Technology is rapidly evolving and especially with the constant threat of cyber attacks, your company tech should be working for you, not causing you headaches.

Your server shouldn't go down randomly or unexpectantly, your emails should be working and available on all your devices and your network should be secure. Issues occur, it's natural, but they should be rare, not an accepted way of operating.

We have experience

You know the expression "cheap is expensive"? Hiring inexperienced IT professionals is just that, it's detrimental to your business. Don't take the risk of putting your full IT ops in inexperienced hands. We'll work with your you or your team to fill the gaps and prevent risks, reduce your IT pain-points and make your systems smile. Plus, when you smile, it adds fuel to our never ending motivation!

Size doesn't matter

No matter what size your business is, TEXPERT can step in to support, whether you're a business of three or a thousand. We can be your fully managed out-sourced IT department, supplement your existing team or be your go-to IT experts. Our rates are flexible to meet your needs. The best part is, no long-term contracts, no surprise fees, no startup fees, no one-time fees, plain and simple

Industry agnostic.

We believe it's best to not be specific to one industry. You might have a specific need that could be solved with a solution from an industry that isn't yours. For example, we can apply tricks we learned in manufacturing to the dental world.

Here are just some of the industries we support:

  • Dental and Medical
  • Media and Entertainment
  • VFX (Pre and Post)
  • Live Sports
  • Art Studios
  • Gaming Studios
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Engineering
  • Retail
  • And many more...
Transparent Pricing

We're actually telling you our pricing. Refreshing isn't it.

Here at TEXPERT, we believe that every business, small or big, deserves high quality IT support by legit experts, without the contracts and crazy fees. Our pricing is fair, honest, and transparent. We offer two styles, packaged as hours and a-la-carte. We take the guess out of figuring out the average cost of IT support for your business. We're also happy to work with you if you have another idea in mind.


$150USD per hour
  • Dedicated support expert
  • Flat rate per hour
  • Use us when you need us
  • Remote support anywhere you are
  • On-site support (LA area only)
  • No contracts, no hidden fees


TBDCompetitive monthly
  • Customized for your needs
  • Dedicated support expert
  • Flat rate per hour
  • Use us when you need us
  • Remote support anywhere you are
  • On-site support (LA area only)
  • No contracts, no hidden fees
  • Monthly server maintenance
  • Extended business hours

We'll work with you.

  • Your IT team can finally take a vacation! We know - this is huge!
  • Dedicated support expert and single point of contact.
  • Manage your entire IT infrastructure from help desk to server management.
  • Continously monitor your network and give advice for upgrades when we feel it's beneficial.
  • Responsive email and phone support with extended business hour support.
  • Ability to act as your outsourced CTO, supplement your IT team and everything in between.
Let's get in touch.